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Experience the Ultimate Fusion

A perfect FUSION of comfort, safety and aesthetic appeal. Designed with the paintball player in mind a must-have addition to any discerning player’s kit bag
The Fusion Range
Fusion Paintball manufactures a wide range of goggles to meet all of your requirements. Professional players, paintball operators, rental players and even kids are catered for with a premium selection of head protection.
Fusion Tactical
Pro players are racing about sleek design, comfort and performance of the Fusion Tactical Range. 280 degree vision, soft cell foam and quick change thermal lens.
Fusion Rental
Designed and manufactured with the paintball operator in mind. Goggles are durable and easy to maintain. Anti-fog lens system and closed cell foam for optimum player comfort.
Fusion Kids
All the features of the Fusion Rental and designed to fit a smaller child’s head. Safety is improved exponentially with a
Fusion Tactical
The premium range by Fusion
A fusion of all the best elements of a paintball goggle. Sleek designs combined with user comfort and durability. The Fusion Tactical range is the ultimate in paintball goggle engineering.
  • Open-cell foam for superior user comfort
  • Full or Half-head options
  • Cutting edge anit-fog technology
  • Four stylish colours
  • Lens options include Standard, Thermal or EvaClear.
  • Easy to change lens system
Why Choose Fusion
Fusion Paintball represents the cutting edge of paintball goggle technology. We have listen to the consumer and developed a range of goggles to suit everyones needs. From professional player to field operators. Fusion has taken all the feedback and created the ultimate paintball head protection.
“The Fusion Rental range has revolutionised my business. Minimal cleaning time, rare lens changes and a great price.”
Brian Kogs
“I really like the design and comfort my Fusion Tactical provides. I also haven’t had to change a lens in the first 9 months”
Jason Dunbar
“Finally I have found a paintball mask that is comfortable, durable and looks awesome out on the field”
Phil Eades
Fusion Rental is the epitome of pleasing everyone. The player enjoys the comfort, protection and visibility while the operator enjoys the ease of cleaning and maintenance. Plus the durability that both the lens and the goggles last.
  • Durability of both goggles and lens
  • Closed-cell foam for both comfort and hygiene
  • Quick change lens system
  • Industry leading anti-fog technology
  • Simple to use


Fusion Goggles
Made for player and operator alike
Provider of industry-leading paintball goggles. Players, Operators and Kids are all catered for with the extensive Fusion range.