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Fusion Rental Half-Head Paintball Goggle

The Fusion Field Goggle is the perfect mask for the rental market, It is durable, comfortable and provides uninterrupted vision. Serious design considerations were given to both safety and effective use in the rental market, and the result has been tested and proven to be successful.



Fusion Field Goggles are the most versatile and durable masks on the paintball market providing industry-leading comfort and vision for maximum performance. The flexible plastic feel provides a streamlined and aesthetically pleasing system for both beginner and expert alike.

The 280° cylindrical lens allows for uninterrupted peripheral vision so you are never blindsided by your opposition. Choose from multiple lens options including Standard, Thermal and Evaclear™. Brand new anti-fog technology has been seamlessly incorporated into the lens covering, along with watertight seal and strategically placed vents giving you the confidence to play hard. While the easy to change lens system will have you back in the action before you know it.

The Fusion Field Goggle has been designed and manufactured to allow you to reach your full potential on the paintball field. Vision and comfort is everything and Fusion has you covered.


  • 280° cylindrical lens
  • Easy to change lens system
  • Multiple lens options including Standard, Thermal and Evaclear™
  • Flexible plastic feel



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